Face to face Networks Meeting

The Future Research Institute came together with ALF and S&G to contribute to the goals of sustainable development and to work in these areas.

The meeting and cooperation meeting, which started with the Energizer Game, initiated by System Generation Association President Gürkan Akçaer, revealed colorful images. Stating that he can communicate through games and activities without knowing the language, Akçaer continued to do activities throughout the meeting. The meeting and mingling continued with the traditional pizza party of the Future Research Institute.

The stakeholders, who came together to ensure intercultural cooperation and communication, also evaluated the language training and abroad opportunities of their volunteers. While GAE's Future and Youth presentation and the studies of the institute were conveyed, it ended with the presentation of Erasmus Plus and abroad opportunities by S&G President Akçaer.

In order to increase intercultural interaction, English Conversation Club trainings were started between S&G volunteers and GAE volunteers, and the first training topic was "The earthquake that hit Turkey and what can be done?" was chosen. Clubs that will take place one week at Future Cafe and the other week at ALF are open to all GAE volunteers.

In line with the studies on climate change and environmental awareness, which are among the Sustainable Development Goals of the European Union, it has been decided to organize an Environmental Awareness Workshop in 4 high schools in Ankara, and studies continue in this direction.

Coşkun Dolanbay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GAE, stated that the cooperation and activities will continue, and stated that volunteering and youth play a very important role in the design of the future, and that works for cultural changes will continue.

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